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It’s a Tough World

September 21, 2013


a humpback whale I saw in June off northern Vancouver Island–

a beautiful part of a fragile world

It’s a tough world for nature.

Here’s a collection of a few sad stories that I’ve been thinking about lately:

Around 7500 songbirds were killed by a flare at a gas plant in New Brunswick about a week ago.  The zoologist interviewed mentioned how many birds are killed by cats each year– see The Oatmeal’s “comic” about that.

Looking for information about wildlife affected by the oil spill at Cold Lake I also read that Alberta has averaged over two oil spills per day in the last thirty-seven years. (This link includes an interactive map.)

And it’s not only oil spills that affect the environment– a molasses spill in Honolulu earlier this month has caused a massive die-off of sea life.

Recently a trailer for a documentary called Midway has been getting shared around, which shares a bit about the plight of albatrosses and how plastic litter affects them.  Bird and Moon did a piece on it earlier this year too.

Last Friday a 28-year-old male orca was found dead near Tofino, on western Vancouver Island.

Today was the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup.  Today until the 29th is the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (not only the ocean, but lakes and rivers too–  you can still sign up a cleanup near you.)  My friend and I have signed up to help clean along part of the Puntledge River next week.  If you missed out on your chance to get involved, please take a little time to pick up some litter.  Or maybe donate some money to (or volunteer for) an environmental non-profit, or… you decide.  Just please do something nice for nature.








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