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Cedar Waxwing Love

June 8, 2012

The last few days were sunny, warm, and windy as can be.  I think I dislike wind almost more than rain, because I want to be outside as it seems so nice out, but it can be so unpleasant to actually be out there.  But the wind finally calmed last night and today the lake is like a mirror.

I spent a long time sitting on our porch, giving our banding protocol a thorough read.  Barn swallows were zipping about as usual, the Eastern phoebe was fly-catching, and a Red-eyed vireo singing.  One of the loons came close to shore.  And a flock of about forty Cedar waxwings perched in the big dead black poplar and adjacent alders.

I grabbed my camera because some of the waxwings were fairly low in the bushes, but alas the lighting was terrible for photography (and the leaves and branches were in the way as well!) However, I thought I’d share some pictures with you anyway, because I saw a couple of pairs engaged in courtship feeding.

The bird on the left has something (either a bug or a bud, sometimes they clearly had insects, but I’m not so sure what this is) in its beak.

It then passes it to its mate.

Afterward, the mate will pass it back, and they repeat the act a few times.

It’s pretty cute.

I wrote about banding Cedar waxwings last fall.

Have you seen any cool bird behaviour lately?

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  1. June 10, 2012 7:22 am

    If this was humans I know you would NOT think it was cute!

    I think I already told you about the raven carrying around the golfball. I see and hear ravens doing weird stuff all the time. Yesterday there were two gobbling up what appeared to be melted blue bubblegum icecream off the pavement. There are a few who make the weirdest mimicked sounds too. There is one I have seen on top of Boston Pizza a few times that makes a neat dripping tap sound.

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