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April 23, 2012

Organic apples at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market, November 2010

Just taking a brief break from packing, I’d thought I’d pass on this article– Five Reasons to Eat Organic Apples that I just read via Michael Pollan.

I made the switch to organic apples a few years ago.  In the fall I like to buy local organic apples at the farmers’ market, but I can also get them (usually U.S.-grown) at Superstore  (pretty much any supermarket should have them– or if they don’t– ask!) year-round.  For example, I recently bought a 3-lb bag of Granny Smiths for 3.99.  That’s $1.25/lb– hardly unreasonable.  Skip out on buying that bag of tortilla chips and you can easily afford the difference in price between conventional and organic. 😉

It was after I read Michael Pollan’s book Botany of Desire that I started buying organic potatoes, too.

Do you buy anything organic?

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  1. Ed Golem permalink
    April 23, 2012 2:42 pm

    Hi, I think I would tend to buy organic if I was really sure it was really organic. For instance buying right from the farmer who could show me paperwork that he was really an organic farmer. Unfortunately there are not enough regs around it to make me really excited about paying the extra.


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