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Laundry Day

March 13, 2011

On Sundays I volunteer at the local wildlife rehabilitation centre, Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society.  I have gotten to do cool stuff like hold bald eagles while they are being treated, give eye drops to owls, and go out on swan rescues.  But there is a lot of less-exciting tasks  involved, too, like eviscerating quail for the raptors’ meals, scrubbing poo-crusted kennels, and scraping poo-covered laundry.  A lot of laundry.  And there is A LOT of poo involved.  And let me tell you, sick eagle poo is not a pleasant substance.

And when I come home, I generally want to wash my clothes immediately.  So it’s laundry day here as well.

Chai loves “helping” with the laundry.


“Oh, sorry, did you needs this?”


“Hey! Lemme outs!”

But I can’t blame Chai, because I know my laundry basket is irresistable to cats.

Delta (Deli), my first SPCA foster kitten (Jan ’09)


Mr. Rose, aka the best cat ever (my 2nd SPCA foster kitten,  Nov ’09)

(Chai is not a foster kitten– I’m stuck with him forever.) 😉

Thinking of laundry day reminded me of this photo:

My friend Gabrielle doing laundry in a bucket of creek water, Wallaby Creek, Oct or so, ’06.  We were volunteers for a satin bowerbird behaviour study.

At least we never had to pry wallabies out of the bucket.

Do you have any laundry stories?  Or cat stories?  Do you volunteer anywhere?

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  1. March 13, 2011 8:50 pm

    That picture of Gabrielle is awesome! I remember being so jealous that you guys were going to Austrailia and I was going to….school.

    Today was supposed to be laundry day, but it ended up being sit in the bookstore all afternoon day instead. Much more fun.

  2. March 14, 2011 8:36 pm

    Was Mr. Rose really better than Slinky? He is hard to top. Or Mom would secretly think Gizmo was hard to top but not admit it. 😉

    I have several photos of me in laundry baskets, including one from Porcupine Plain, and one from my last year at Briercrest! Ha ha. They are very comfy to sit in.

    Has Chai been practicing to be a ring bearer? Do you have a navy bow-tie for him? Next time he is being bad tell him he has to practice or he can’t come to the wedding. 😉 Tom said Sammy and Ridder had to watch from inside the house and couldn’t be in the wedding.

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